Alexis Ziritt


Alexis Ziritt is an illustrator by day and up-and-coming comic book artist by night. He’s originally from Venezuela but now resides in sunny Florida. Some of his works include: designs for groups such as Mastodon, Cage, and Prefuse 73; concept art and storyboards for movies and T.V.; Complex magazine; published short comics in BARSOWIA magazine (part of a Galicia collective with David Rubin), plus his own comic series “Rudo”, “MEKANO TURBO” and the upcoming project “The Package”; and t-shirt designs for his own company called FISTFUL APPAREL. Alexis has recently done freelance work for WWE Magazine, PaperWallet, Patagonia and The Levitation Project. He is also doing the cover art for BOOM! Studio’s comic “Loki: Ragnarok and Roll”.

Alexis’ style is a influence of old mexican comics like El Santo, Kaliman and Fantomas, and the great lucha libre movie lobby cards.  He’s quickly getting the attention of artists in the indie comic world, such as Nathan Fox, who included Alexis’ art in his FLUORESCENT BLACK book.  Alexis was also part of the 2011 Harvey Award winning POPGUN Vol. 4 published by Image Comics with his MEKANO TURBO story.

If you’d like to get Alexis to do a commission or hire him for some illustration work, get in touch and we’ll work it out.

Find out more about Alexis and to see more of his work on his website