And the newest OOSA artist is…

Nathan Fox!!!

nathan fox

Nathan is an amazing artist and long-time friend of OOSA. He’s always been supportive of and interested in the artists in the collective. He’s helped them get work on projects he was working on, promoted their art… Heck, he even wrote the introduction for the OOSA/BNN collaborative anthology kaBOOMbox Volume 1! He’s always been considered part of the family and a big influence on a lot of the OOSA artists, so it’s only logical that he be an official member of the crew.

If you aren’t, by some chance, familiar with Nathan’s work, he’s done illustrations for Entertainment Magazine, The New York Times, ESPN, Wired, Playboy and so on. He’s also worked for every major comics publisher. His most recent assignments are providing covers for Vertigo Comics’ FBP and the recently announced Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers book from Dynamite Entertainment. You can click on his profile to learn more about him and see samples of his work.

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding a TON of his original artwork for sale in the OOSA Store. He’ll also have a few shirts available in the OOSA Bodega. Nathan will be joining us at the Asbury Park ComiCon in April, so be sure to come out and say hello.

Also, be sure to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr for the latest info and updates. Believe me, there will be a lot going on. Stay tuned, folks!

OOSA’s Harassment Policy

There has been a lot of talk about the inappropriate treatment of women in the comics industry the last few weeks with Tess Fowler leading the charge. Lots of people are coming forward with stories and a lot of really deplorable things are getting brought into the light. Now, I typically don’t enter my opinions into discussions on comic book “hot button” issues in any online or formal format for several reasons, but after reading what happened to Conny Valentina, I feel like I should make an official statement regarding Out of Step Arts’ policy on harassment.

So what happened? Well, you can read what Conny wrote on her facebook for the full story in her words, but essentially, while at a convention in the US in 2011, a well-known (as of yet unnamed publicly) artist broke into her hotel room during the night (with a key he had obtained from the front desk under false pretenses), stripped naked, and got into her bed while she was sleeping! That goes way beyond the wink and a nudge “I’ll be nice to you if you’re nice to me” male power-play. That is downright criminal behavior! The convention organizer has already contacted Conny to discuss the matter and will be talking to the hotel to insure that no instances like that will ever happen again during future conventions. Conny is really brave for speaking out and I applaud her for it.

As for my policy regarding harassment and inappropriate behavior; I won’t tolerate it. If you feel that any of the OOSA artists have behaved in an inappropriate, offensive, threatening or harassing (sexual or otherwise) manner towards you, please notify me and I will deal with it.

Now, if you behave in an inappropriate, offensive, threatening or harassing (sexual or otherwise) manner towards any of the OOSA artists, I will also deal with that. Swiftly.

The OOSA artists, besides being talented and hardworking, are nice, honest and caring people. I am proud to have each of them as a part of the collective and I feel that they act as ambassadors for Out of Step Arts and the larger comics industry as a whole. In being an OOSA artist, I expect that they will treat people with respect and dignity, just as I expect them to be treated in the same manner by others. I will do my best to insure this happens.

The Future of OOSA

Hey folks. I just thought I’d give a little update while there is a lull in the action here at OOSA headquarters. We are getting ready to take some big steps with Out of Step Arts. In the coming months, we’ll be adding a new artist to the collective and offering some new ways for you to get art from all of your favorite artists here. All of that stuff is still in the works, but I’ll be able to talk more about everything soon. I’m excited about it, though. I feel like these additions will bring OOSA to new level and further distinguish both the artists and the brand. So, stick around. Big things are coming!

In the meantime; take another look at the original art in the store, check out all the OOSA artists’ sites, and follow OOSA on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.