OOSA at Asbury Park Comic Con

Asbury Park

The Asbury Park Comic Con is this weekend (April, 12-13) and I’ll be there along with Toby Cypress and Andrew MacLean. They’ll have books, prints and art. I’ll have art from Greg Ruth, Paul Maybury and Nathan Fox, too. Plus maybe an extra little special something from Nathan. Come by our booth at C-352 and say “Hey”.


Check out www.asburyparkcomicon.com to see the other guests and goings-on. It looks like it will be a fantastic show.



And the newest OOSA artist is…

Chris Visions!

profile picI’m so happy to finally be able to announce this since I’ve been sitting on it for a while. It’s been especially hard since Chris Visions has been getting a lot of attention recently for his upcoming series Dead Letters with Chris Sebela from Boom! Studios. And all of that attention is much deserved because he’s an amazing, versatile artist. If you haven’t heard of him yet, don’t worry, you will. He was recently chosen from hundreds of artists to be part of a small group to do some promotional art for NBC’s series Hannibal, so there’s that.

Chris’ inky, energetic style is a great compliment to the current artists in the OOSA collective, and his illustrative style gives him a unique voice. I’m excited to have him on board, as are the rest of the OOSA crew. Be sure to check out Chris’ profile to see some of his work if you aren’t already familiar with it. You can also follow him on Instagram and Tumblr to see what he’s up to, as well.

Glad to have you as part of the team, Chris!

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find: The Comic Art Collection of Shelton Drum

shelton secret

I worked with the William King Museum and Shelton Drum to curate this showcase of Shelton’s amazing comic art collection. It has original comic art, Heroes Con promotional art and some of Shelton’s private commissions from some the biggest names in comics past and present.

There are over 80 pieces in the exhibit and the artist list is a true all-star roster from the last 60 years. Artist include:

Steve Ditko - Joe Kubert - Jack Kirby - Don Heck - Gil Kane -John HAHTFBuscema - Neal Adams - Frank Brunner - John Romita - George Perez - Frank Miller - Paul Smith - Charles Vess - Jim Starlin - Steve Bissette - Matt Wagner - Mike Zeck - John Byrne - Paul Gulacy - Wally Wood - Lee Elias - Larry Lieber - Frank Frazetta - Richard Thompson - Mac Raboy - Neal Adams - Johnny Hart - Jim Scancarelli - Brian Stelfreeze - Sanford Greene - Mike Wieringo - Butch Guice - Mike Zeck - Tim Sale
George Perez - Dave Sim - Sergio Aragones - Paul Chadwick - Joe Quesada - John Romita, Jr. - Jeff Smith - Alex Ross - George Perez - Dan Jurgens - Murphy Anderson WK- Rick Leonardi - Ron Garney - Travis Charest - Adam Hughes - James Jean - Darwyn Cooke - Mike Mignola - Joe Jusko - Bill Sienkiewicz - Jim Silke - David Williams - Phil Noto - Steve Rude - Bernie Wrightson - Scott Hampton

The exhibit is up until June 29 so I hope you all can make the trip to Abingdon, VA to see it.

Exhibit details here.